State leader examines combat readiness at Special-task Arm

President Vo Van Thuong examined the training and combat readiness at the Special-task Arm in Hanoi on December 18.

President Vo Van Thuong (R) visits special-task soldiers on the training field in Hanoi on December 18. (Photo: VNA)

President Vo Van Thuong examined the training and combat readiness at the Special-task Arm in Hanoi on December 18, on the occasion of the 79th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army (December 22, 1944 - 2023) and the All People’s National Defence Festival (December 22, 1989 - 2023).

The State leader highly valued the soldiers and officers’ training and combat readiness.

He expressed his pride in the 56-year history of the arm, which brought into play its particular wisdom, bravery, solidarity, creativity, and unique military art and weathered every hardship to make brilliant feats of arms to join the entire country in liberating and reunifying the nation.

In the period of national construction and defence, the arm has shown good performance in advising the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence about the development of the force, fulfilled its function as the army’s leading counter-terrorism unit, paid due attention to the Party building, increasingly improved the training quality and combat readiness, and properly carried out defence diplomacy, he said.

Pointing out higher national safeguarding requirements and complex developments in the world, President Thuong emphasised the request that the arm stay ready to respond to any circumstances with the best possible results.

Special-task soldiers perform training techniques on December 18. (Photo: VNA)

He ordered the building of the force with particularly firm political mettle and particularly high will that is particularly trusted, absolutely loyal to the Party, the Fatherland and the people, and ready to take and fulfill tasks in every circumstance.

Aside from training, the arm also needs to step up the building of a clean and strong Party organisation, enhance coordination with the border guards, coast guards, and police, along with related agencies and units to guarantee the combat readiness to fight “peace evolution”, terrorism and subversive riots, deal with complicated situations in a timely and effective manner, and actively respond to all circumstances, he continued.

The President also demanded the arm boost the solidarity with the people, coordinate with authorities to encourage people to comply with the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws, and assist people in poverty elimination, economic, cultural and social development, as well as natural disaster response.

He expressed his belief that the arm will make even greater feats of arms and become comprehensively strong to deserve its status as a particularly elite and faithful combative force of the Party, State, army, and people.

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