State leader asks court system to accelerate judicial reform

President To Lam had a hybrid meeting with the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) and people’s courts nationwide on June 14.

President To Lam addresses the meeting with the court system on June 14. (Photo: VNA)

During the meeting, he demanded that the sector hasten judicial reform and build a modern and professional judicial system to help with forming a law-governed socialist State.

Reporting on the people’s court system’s performance, Deputy Chief Justice of the SPC Nguyen Tri Tue said that in recent years, the number of cases handled by courts has increased by about 8 percent annually, but the courts have continually made reforms and carried out many creative solutions to improve the settlement quality.

The rate of judgments and decisions canceled or amended due to the courts’ mistakes has been kept low, under 1.5 percent.

Since the start of 2024, though the number of cases handled has risen by 39,635 from the same period last year, 62.68 percent of the cases have been settled by the courts. The judgments and decisions canceled or amended due to the courts’ mistakes stand at only 0.82 percent, meeting the National Assembly’s requirement, Tue noted.

President Lam highly valued the achievements obtained by the people’s court system so far, stressing that the development of the courts is closely connected with the building and perfection of the State.

The increasingly improved quality and efficiency of the courts’ activities have significantly helped maintain political stability, ensure social order and safety, and create a healthy and stable environment for national development, he went on.

Pointing out certain shortcomings in the court system’s judicial activities, he said 2024 is the year for accelerating efforts towards successfully implementing the resolution of the 13th National Party Congress in 2025 and preparing for all-level Party congresses on the thresholds of the 14th National Party Congress. Therefore, the court system must hasten judicial reform and the implementation of the remaining tasks of the tenure.

To ensure the court system’s good performance in all aspects, the State leader said the focus should be on building a modern, professional, and law-governed judicial system to help with building a law-governed socialist State of the people, by the people, and for the people.

He also demanded further improvement in the quality of judging activities to minimize and eradicate the judgments canceled or amended due to subjective faults. It is also important to promote the quality, feasibility, and precision of judgments, along with asset recovery in corruption and economic cases.

President Lam asked the court system to step up the building of the Party and the contingent of cadres, especially judges, who must put national interests as well as the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and individuals above all.

The courts need to pay due attention to the recovery of misappropriated or lost assets of the State, he said.

Amid the country’s intensive and extensive integration into the world, it is necessary to foster international cooperation activities, particularly those defending national interests, and promote cooperation agreements to help expand the scope of Vietnamese law’s value, according to the leader.

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