Some 12,000 candidates enter Violympic national final round

Roughly 12,000 students from 50 cities and provinces nationwide yesterday entered the national final round of the 2020-2021 Violympic, the online math and physics competition organized by FPT Corporation.

Some 8,000 fifth, ninth, and twelfth graders took Mathematics Violympic (Vietnamese version), approximately 2,500 fourth and eighth graders sat for Mathematics Violympic (English version), and over 1,000 learners in grades 9 and 12 took Physics.

Some 12,000 candidates enter Violympic national final round ảnh 1 Candidates  of the final round 
To enter the final round, students had to complete nine prior rounds meeting the qualifying scores and criteria set in each examination location.

Students who win the national Violympic competition this year will be awarded certificates of merit and Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals for each subject and grade. The top 20 candidates will receive their rewards in kind, which is worth over VND400 million (US$ 17,350) in total.

The competition's organization board revealed that the national round is scheduled to be expanded for other grades in the next years.

The 2020-2021 academic year is the thirteenth consecutive year that Violympic has been organized for high school students nationwide proving to be a prestigious online playground. It has been welcomed by teachers, students and parents.

So far, the Violympic System has reached 33.7 million subscribers after 13 years of development. The competition currently has a total of 10 rounds, minimizing pressure on students and teachers. In the competition, six self-training rounds closely adhere to textbooks with interesting formats, combining Mathematics, Physics, Foreign Languages and Information Technology to help students to actively brush up on their pre-existing knowledge and self-assess their own knowledge.

The goal of the competition is to help students in all corners of the country to have access to education 4.0 as well as assist teachers and schools to enhance the information technology application for innovative teaching approaches, improved teaching-learning quality and management quality.