Smart city building needing synchronous link to urban common system

The Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) People’s Committee yesterday held a working session with Advanced International Joint Stock Company (AIC) and leaders from agencies to introduce guidance on technological solutions and investment implementation for smart city construction in district level.

Smart city building needing synchronous link to urban common system

AIC presented the 12 important parts to apply technological solutions, along with proper operation instructions, so that all districts in HCMC are able to prepare investment plans, adapt these methods locally.

The company also suggested the HCMC People’s Committee to select one specific district to pilot the new smart city model.

Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen requested that all districts quickly adjust the proposed solutions to their own needs while preparing sufficient investment for the 12 parts to form a smart city above no later than October 31.

Even though many agencies in HCMC have achieved impressive results in implementing technology in administration, there is a need for these applications to become more synchronous so that they are truly an effective tool for urban management.

In addition, the local investment and implementation of any technological solution should be in accordance with the common smart city frame of HCMC.

All plans must be finished and submitted on October 31 at the latest, which is the deadline for public project planning.

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