Six Vietnamese killed in traffic accident in Cambodia

Six Vietnamese citizens were killed and five others injured at a serious traffic accident in Chikreng district of Cambodia’s Siem Reap province on November 5 evening, according to the Vietnamese General Consulate in Battambang.
The traffic accident scene (Source: Fresh News)
The traffic accident scene (Source: Fresh News)
After receiving the news, the office contacted with local authorities to verify the information and ask for attention to treating the injured.
It also sent staff to the scene to conduct citizen protection measures.
On November 6, the Foreign Ministry contacted with the Cambodian Embassy in Hanoi to ask for assistance for the victims. It also requested Vietnamese representative offices in Cambodia to complete the identification and soon report to relevant localities and families of the victims.
For assistance, Vietnamese citizens are advised to contact the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia via 85977020561, the Vietnamese Consulate General in Battambang at 855713116789, and the Citizen Protection Hotline at 84981848484.

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