Site clearance carried out to upgrade National Highway 62

Site clearance must be carried out for the upgrade of the National Highway 62 as Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Xuan Sang requested on his mission trip today.

Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Xuan Sang and a working group conduct a survey on the highway upgrade

Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Xuan Sang and a working group from the Ministry of Transport and the Department of Transport of the Mekong Delta Province of Long An conducted a field survey on the National Highway 62 through the province.

For the survey, the working group traveled along Highway 62 from the starting point at Km4, Tan An City to the ending point of Binh Hiep International Border Gate in Kien Tuong town.

At the bypass stop in Tan Thanh Town of Long An Province’s Tan Thanh District, Deputy Minister Nguyen Xuan Sang requested the local administration to urgently clear the site to facilitate the upgrade and renovation of the National Highway 62.

Previously, the Government decided to approve the project to upgrade and renovate the National Highway 62 connecting Long An Province with a number of Mekong Delta provinces.

Accordingly, the National Highway 62 will be upgraded and renovated into a third-grade plain road, with a designed speed of 80km per hour. The 11m wide highway includes two lanes for motor vehicles and two lanes for trucks. Some sections through urban areas, towns and cities will have cross-sections according to their current status.

In recent times, voters in Long An Province have continuously proposed to soon upgrade and expand the National Highway 62, because this about 76km long route connecting National Highway 1 from Tan An City through Thanh Hoa, Tan Thanh, Moc Hoa, and Thanh Hoa districts, Kien Tuong commune and part of Thu Thua district to the Binh Hiep international border gate adjacent to Cambodia was constructed and put into use for nearly 24 years.

The narrow route is in poor repair, greatly affecting the attraction of businesses investing in border gate economic zones; plus, the degraded highway has the potential for traffic accidents.

On the route, there is a section that overlaps with the National Highway N2 extending from Thanh Hoa - Tan Thanh district for more than 10km, so traffic jams occur frequently, especially during holidays when many people travel to Mekong Delta provinces.

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