Road motor vehicles must attach ID card for registration

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh yesterday approved Directive No.11/CT-TTg about accelerating the installation of ID cards on road motor vehicles (RMVs) for the use of automatic non-stop toll collection (ETC).

After August 1, toll plazas can maintain only one mixed toll collection lane each. (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, the Deputy Prime Minister asked that leaders of ministries, state agencies, socio-political organizations, and localities continue to boost the attachment of ID cards on all RMVs under their management (including their member units) and to stop using the one-stop toll collection model (via cash) from August 1.

He requested that ID card installation become mandatory in the registration procedure for RMVs and that electronic communication channels as well as a hotline be established to receive feedback from the public and businesses about the operation of ETC systems.

The Public Security Ministry is asked to cooperate with related forces to regulate traffic at ETC plazas and strictly fine any vehicles purposedly violate policies on ETC, especially after August 1, when toll stations stop the operation of manual toll collection and only maintain one mixed toll collection lane at each plaza.

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh has just approved Decree No.47/2022/ND-CP about amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government's Decree No.10/2020/ND-CP, stipulating business activities and conditions for automobile transport business.

Accordingly, from July 1, 2023, transport companies using automobiles for transport business must install a camera in compliance with regulation. In the first time participating in transport business, they must also attach a journey surveillance equipment piece in order to receive a badge and license. 10-seat-and-fewer automobiles (including the driver) converted from those with more than 10 seats are not allowed to use in passenger transport business. Cars with designs similar to those of 9 seats (including the driver) or more used as taxis are not allowed.

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