Restoration efforts help promote sustainable growth for fisheries sector

Amid the strong growth of the fisheries sector, the preservation and restoration of fisheries resources and the protection of biodiversity have become a focus of the sector and coastal localities towards developing a sustainable, modern and responsible fisheries sector.
Restoration efforts help promote sustainable growth for fisheries sector ảnh 1 Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)
Tran Dinh Luan, Director General of the Directorate of Fisheries under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development noted that recently, the Vietnamese fisheries sector has expanded greatly, with export revenue reaching nearly US$9 billion per year.
However, fishery production and exploitation during the past period were not sustainable, he said. After the directorate signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, activities to protect and restore fisheries resources have spread in many localities, including the release of young fish and shrimps into water bodies.
With joint efforts of the directorate, localities and community, the restoration of fisheries resources has been on a right track, he said, adding that fishermen and coastal communities’ awareness of conserving and restoring fisheries resources and biodiversity protection has been improved.
Luan said that the Government has issued Decision No. 120/NQ - CP on the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta region and increase its climate change adaption capacity.
Under the document, priority will be placed in the transformation of agricultural and aquatic product structure.
Efforts to regenerate fisheries resources and protect the environment will also contribute to enhance the prestige of the sector and maximize its potentials and advantages, Luan said.
He took Soc Trang, a production hub of aquatic products, especially shrimp, as an example of effective restoration of fisheries resources. This year, on the occasion of the traditional day of fisheries sector, the locality was chosen as the place to release young fish and shrimps with an aim to raise the community's awareness about preserving and restoring fisheries resources in the province and the whole Mekong Delta region.
Luan stressed that along with releasing young fish and shrimps, it is necessary to protect natural fisheries resources. The protection and regeneration of resources will ensure harmony in the overall development of the fisheries sector, as well as the livelihoods of coastal community, he added.

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