Relevant agencies look for market to sell eight million tons of coal residues

Fossil fuel power plants have no choice but find market to sell their coal residues, said experts at a meeting held today in the northern province of Quang Ninh.

Relevant agencies look for market to sell eight million tons of coal residues
Moreover, experts said that the plants should make its concerted efforts to remove the government’s “unreasonable” regulations.
The Industrial Safety Techniques and Environment Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Group said that the coal residues produced by the plants is up to 12.2 million tons annually.

Mostly the residues are in the North with the rate of 60 percent, the central with 21 percent and the South with 19 percent.
Experts said it is buoyant reserve. However, nearly 4 million tons of coal residues was consumed in 2017 accounting for 30 percent. Around 3.25 million tons of residues was consumed in the North.
At present, consumption of coal residues abides by market mechanism or market demand controls the consumption of the material. People are used to traditional construction materials especially in the central and the south; accordingly, consumption of coal residues are low in the two regions while it is favored in the north.
Additionally, high prices of unbaked bricks plus difficulties in transporting coal residues to localities in the central and the south resulted in slow consumption of the special material.
Experts added that construction material enterprises and producers are not favored coal residue because there has been no specific taxation policies to make a price gap between baked and unbaked bricks.

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