Railway to Di An Train Car Factory to be renovated

The Transport Ministry has just responded to the proposal of Binh Duong Province on improving the railway and railway safety corridor passing through Di An City of this province.

Accordingly, based on the annual plan to maintain the national railway infrastructure, Vietnam Railways has already performed necessary work to renovate the degraded railway going through Di An City. However, the flooding situation has not been improved much.

To completely address the problem, the Ministry of Transport has agreed to let the Vietnam Railway Authority and Vietnam Railways to launch a project to repair the section from Km0+00 to Km1+500 (leading to Di An Train Car Factory) of this railway.

Before this, the National Assembly delegation from Binh Duong Province had sent a proposal regarding the serious flooding status of the railway from Di An Train Car Factory passing through Di An City in the rainy season due to a lack of a proper drainage system. It has severely affected the living standards of residents in the neighborhood.

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