Rach Mieu 2 Bridge project strives to be started works in Q2

The Ministry of Transport yesterday said that the agency had required the My Thuan Project Management Board to push up the key bidding packages of the Rach Mieu 2 Bridge project.
Rach Mieu 2 Bridge project strives to be started works in Q2
According to the Ministry of Transport, apart from two out of six construction bidding packages being started works on March 29, the Rach Mieu 2 Bridge project still has two construction bidding packages under the process of technical proposal evaluation, two packages of the path into the bridge and cable-stayed main bridge under technical design and quotation establishment.

Under the direction of the Ministry of Transport, the design consulting agency is assigned to promptly implement the works to ensure the timely technical design and cable-stayed main bridge quotation approval in upcoming August to select the construction unit to start works at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The Ministry of Transport emphasized that the My Thuan Project Management Board needed to ensure the quality of construction contractors; review and finalize the bidding documents and papers in accordance with the approval, ensuring competition, fairness, transparency and economic efficiency.

The My Thuan Project Management Board Director will be fully responsible for organizing the evaluation of bids, contractor selection results, the content of contract negotiation; take full responsibility before the law for the shortcomings, delays, errors and mistakes under the responsibility of the bid solicitor as well as the expert team during the contractor selection process.

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