Public means of transport in HCMC officially re-operated on October 5

The Municipal Department of Transport yesterday said that public vehicles met the safety criteria on Covid-19 prevention and control on October 5, the first day of their operation resumption. Notably, the fare did not fluctuate much compared with the previous time.
(Illustrative photo: SGGP)
Accordingly, both drivers of buses, taxis and app-based taxis and passengers were aware of health protection and complied with pandemic prevention and control requirements.

As for taxi and app-based taxis, enterprises are allowed to re-operate around 20 to 30 percent of their capacity. Besides, apps-based under-nine-seat cars are permitted to resume a maximum of ten percent on the total number of managed vehicles.

Regarding under-nine-seat cars, they will be served at some tourism sites.

Based on the proposals of transportation enterprises, the City Department of Transport will grant the QR Code for each registered vehicle. 

The Department will adjust the number of vehicles allowed to re-operate following the pandemic situation and the travel demand of passengers.

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