Progress of North-South Expressway construction project strictly monitored

The Transport Ministry has just requested all project management boards of the North-South Expressway project to urgently devise a monitoring plan and a quality control plan for this critical work in the 2021-2025 period.

Accordingly, the management boards of sub-projects in the North-South Expressway construction project must immediately direct corresponding contractors to develop both overall and detailed building plans, an HR allocation plan, a device and lab use plan to submit to the supervisor and consultant of those sub-projects before asking for approval from the investors.

Those plans will be then handed in to the Transport Ministry by January 15.

Meanwhile, these management boards must actively collaborate with localities and related state agencies in land clearance and compensation, technical infrastructure relation so that the rest of the required surface area is available in the second quarter of 2023 as requested by the Government.

Based on the instruction of the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, the management boards work with contractors and the local authorities to complete necessary procedures for the exploitation of construction material mines and the use of waste landfills to answer the needs of the project.

The Transport Ministry also asked that consultation and design units, supervision units, as well as building contractors allocate sufficient human resources and strictly obey the construction process, technical instructions in order to ensure the quality and progress of this vital project.

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