Prize “ Red Ribbon 2017” responses to World AIDS Day

The Vietnam Network of People Living with HIV (VNP+) under the sponsor of the Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control and AIDS Prevention Center in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday organized the third award ceremony of ôiRed Ribbon 2017’
Prize “ Red Ribbon 2017” responses to World AIDS Day

This year ceremony themed "No discrimination toward people living with HIV and vulnerable people” was organized in the World AIDS Day and the action month of the National Prevention of HIV/AIDS. It attracted participation of celebrities like People’s Actress Bach Tuyet, Trinh Kim Chi, Thoai My, designer Sy Hoang.

The prize for organization, individual that worked for the benefit of community was given to the Group Nu Cuoi ( Smile) for its efforts in helping teenagers living with HIV since 2004.

Red Ribbon prize were given two good examples - Ngo Thi Mong Linh in Ho Chi MInh City and Ngo Lien from the northern province of Yen Bai. Two women living with the fatal disease spent their time assisting other infected people to live healthily and usefully,

Additionally, the prize also honored those who took part in activities to help drug addicts, sex workers, homosexual people and transgender people, and helpful medical workers.

Chief organizer Nguyen Anh Phong said with the theme “ No discrimination toward people living with HIV”, the prize aims to reduce discrimination against HIV infected people, drug addicts, sex workers, homosexual people and transgender people as well as improve their role in the society.

Praising (VNP+)’s silent devotion in fighting the disease for years, head of the Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Nguyen Hoang Long said that stigma and discriminatory attitudes impeded HIV positive people to access to health-care services. He stressed Vietnam only achieve 90-90-90 goal only when stigma and discriminatory attitudes are eliminated.

First organized in 2015, the annual prize was held with the aim to lauding HIV carriers who live healthily and useful as well as help improve others’ awareness of the disease in a bid to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.