Price of pig down, breeders sell pork on roadside

Because price of pork is down and consumption is difficult, local breeders have slaughtered the animal and sold at VND100,000 four kilogram on the roadside in the Mekong delta province of Vinh Long.
Breeders in Vinh Long Province sell pork in roadside (Photo: SGGP)
Breeders in Vinh Long Province sell pork in roadside (Photo: SGGP)
These days, prices of pork in the Mekong delta have gone down driving breeders into despair.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Mang Thit District in Vinh Long Province yesterday said that local breeders are facing difficulties due to market saturation though prices fell drastically.
With the price of VND18,000-VND20,000 a kilogram of pork, breeders suffered loss of over VND10,000 per kilogram.  Pork consumption had become saturated therefore breeders slaughtered their animal and sold it on roadside at the cost of VND100,000 for four kilogram.

Similarly, breeders sell pork at same price along streets in districts Cho Lach, Mo Cay Nam, Mo Cay Bac in Ben Tre Province pork.
Huynh Thi Thu in Son Dinh Commune in Cho Lach District said traders buy pork at VND17,000 - VND20,000 a kilogram, breeders will suffer big loss at a such price.

Despite efforts to reduce pigs, the province still has many herd of pigs in farms. Statistically, from October, 2016 to now, herd of pigs in Tien Giang Province has decreased over 200,000 pigs the province still has a herd of about 500,000 pigs.
Breeders in the Mekong delta have even left farms empty or they just raised some pigs because they run out of money.

As per the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, for long-term strategy, breeders must associate with enterprises to raise the animal as per VietGap standards to cut cost. 

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