PM orders sufficient power supply for socio-economic development

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh ordered sufficient power supply for production and daily activities, especially during peak season, while chairing a meeting in Hanoi on May 23.

PM Pham Minh Chinh chairs a meeting with ministries, sectors and localities on power supply in 2024. (Photo: VNA)

As the economy has recovered well, demand for materials and fuels, including electricity, has been on the rise, he said, adding power need in 2024 is expected to rise 9 percent. However, there was a time in Q1 it even expanded 17 percent.

Recognising the progress of the 500kV Circuit-3 transmission line project which spans 519 kilometres from the central province of Quang Binh’s Quang Trach district to the northern province Hung Yen’s Pho Noi, PM Chinh laid a stress on the significance of the project to the socio-economic development, particularly when extreme heat will scorch large parts of the nation in June and July.

He requested ministries, sectors, and localities continue giving weight to the project, promoting smooth coordination in production, transport and installation of power poles, accelerating the site clearance work and the import of materials and equipment, while mobilising resources and vehicles for the project.

The Government leader ordered relevant sides to keep close tabs on the construction work and make concerted efforts to improve quality as well as assure safety, environmental hygiene and legitimate rights of local residents, highlighting the transmission line must be put into operation before June 30.

Although the national power grid will be able to meet the socio-economic development, PM Chinh requested them to keep a close watch on the situation and take measures to respond to possible scenarios.

It is necessary to diversify power sources, prepare fuels for electricity generation, and ensure water levels in reservoirs for power and agricultural production and flood prevention, he said, adding they must ramp up efforts to complete and issue documents on the development of wind and solar power in the spirit of harmonised benefits and shared risk.

Furthermore, he stated that electricity must be rationally priced to mobilize all resources for power development as well as ensure locals and businesses’ affordability and the economy’s resilience, adding communications work must be enhanced to raise public awareness about safe and effective use of electricity.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the EVN, power consumption was some 124.1 billion kWh during January-May, up 12.1 percent year-on-year. The national maximum capacity topped 47,600 MW in the end of April, with average daily consumption of 987.39 million KWh, up 13.2 percent and 6.87 percent against the same time last year.

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