PM inspects submarine testing progress in Russia

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on May 13 inspected the progress of Vietnam’s Kilo-class submarine, which is being tested in Kaliningrad, Russia.
This is the first of six Kilo-class submarines that Vietnam contracted to buy from Russia during Dung’s visit to the country in 2009. Under the contract, the Russian side is also responsible for training sailors and supplying necessary equipment for the submarines. The Kilo-636 submarine, named Hanoi, was built in Admiralty Verfi Shipyards in St. Petersburg and is being tested near Svetlyi port in Kaliningrad. It has successfully made 23 test dives. Having a displacement of 3,000-3,950 tonnes, the submarine can operate at a maximum depth of 300 metres and at a range of 6,000-7,500 nautical miles for 45 days and nights with 52 crewmembers. It has the quietest engine in the world and is the best choice for reconnaissance and patrols. Talking with sailors aboard, the PM expressed his hope that the crewmembers will promote their proactiveness, activeness and creativeness to overcome all difficulties and rapidly grasp modern military technologies so that they can master the ship after it is transferred to Vietnam.
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung talks with crew men of the submarine. Photo: VNA
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung talks with crew men of the submarine. Photo: VNA
He pledged to create all possible conditions for them to perform their tasks in an exceptional manner. On behalf of the crew, Captain Major Nguyen Van Quan thanked the Party, State and people for their care for the submarine’s crew in particular and the naval force in general. He said all the crew men are committed to do their utmost to rapidly acquire the latest military technologies and fulfill their assigned missions. The same day, Dung had a meeting with the press in Kaliningrad, expressing his delight to visit such a peaceful and hospitable city. He affirmed that the Vietnamese people will never forget the support that Russia has given to their country during the past struggle for national independence and unification as well as the current national defence. He stressed that Russia’s supply of the submarines to Vietnam not only is a trade deal but also reflects the friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries. Dung thanked the Kaliningrad government and people for creating favourable conditions for Vietnamese sailors during their training in the city

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