​PM asks to prevent congestion at bus stations during national holiday

Vietnamese Prime Minister asked to prevent congestion at bus stations, railway stations, and ports during the national holiday ( Sep.2).


​PM asks to prevent congestion at bus stations during national holiday ảnh 1
Today, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh signed Official Dispatch No. 724 of the Prime Minister to relevant ministries, branches and localities on ensuring traffic order and safety on the national holiday on September 2. The dispatch requested related agencies to curb transportation companies from cramming passengers on buses and picking up and dropping off passengers at the wrong places, especially on key highways and national highways.
The Prime Minister requested a plan to ensure safety for passenger and cargo transport activities, especially passenger transport services by road, waterway and air in the country during the special holiday and students’ travel.
Transportation companies and bus stations, railway stations, airports, seaports, ports, and inland waterways must strictly comply with the provisions of the law on order and traffic safety in addition to the promotion of the application of technology to sell electronic tickets for improvement of service quality.
The Prime Minister also requested no more crowding, causing congestion at bus stations and railway stations and ports, tourist attractions. Competent agencies must strictly control passenger coaches and drivers of boats and vehicles.
Additionally, responsible agencies must ask people to comply with regulations on prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and develop a plan to organize safe and smooth traffic, especially on routes and areas with a high risk of traffic accidents, traffic jams, main axes in and out of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, national highways, key traffic hubs, tourist attractions, amusement parks, bus stations, piers, railway stations, construction sites.
The Prime Minister noted about the implementation of the ‘Peak month for traffic safety for students going to school in September’, schools should educate students on knowledge and skills for safe traffic especially those driving electric motorbikes and electric bicycles.
Traffic wardens were required to increase patrolling and handling violations of traffic safety orders with attention to serious violations that are the direct causes of traffic accidents and traffic jams, such as violations of speeding, alcohol and drug.
The Prime Minister requested to publish the telephone number of the traffic safety hotline of central and local agencies to receive people's feedback on the traffic safety situation during the holiday and have a 24/7 response plan to receive information and solve cases.

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