Plentiful seasonal employment in year-end

Upcoming Christmas and New Year 2019 is the time when enterprises, restaurants and supermarkets are busy recruiting more seasonal employees. 

Plentiful seasonal employment in year-end

According to unofficial figure of employment companies, employers need to hire 30,000 seasonal employees playing Santa Clause, wrapping up gifts, reception and shipping goods.

Stores, commercial centers are struggling to hire seasonal helpers in the last weeks of the year. Human resource director of X.T Company in Quang Trung Street in Go Vap District Le Anh Nguyen said that year-end work is up to ears, accordingly, she has to put on adverts to hire more seasonal employees, sometimes even hundred of employees.

Additionally, the company has signed contracts with schools to deliver Christmas gifts to schools, families and enterprises. Many employees accepted to work as seasonal helpers in many stores; consequently, they quit the job without noticing beforehand.

Therefore, the company must look for seasonal employees at all time, said Ms. Nguyen.

Income of seasonal employees fluctuates from VND20,000 – VND30,000 per hour or VND100,000 - VND150,000 a shift ( 4 - 8 hours a shift ), or VND200,000 - VND300,000 ($8.6 – 12.9) a day differently from stores to stores.

Employment information is posted in websites of schools or supermarkets like Co.opMart, BigC, Vinmart.

The Center of Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labor Market Information HCMC said that need of recruiting accelerates in the end of the year. Most of seasonal employment like wrapping gifts, selling goods and delivering commodities does not require skills and knowledge; hence, students and young people can do it.

Le Ngoc Hoang in Nguyen Anh Thu Street in district 12 said year-end jobs are suitable for students. Near his rental house, senior high school graduates accepted to do part-time work in stores and supermarkets and their daily income is about VND200,000.

He added this is the first time, he will play Santa Clause because from December 20, his company needs 50 young men to play Santa Clause to give gifts to kids in districts 12, Go Vap, and Hoc Mon.

Nevertheless, laborers should take precaution against defraud companies. 23 year old Le Van Ngat in Hoc Mon said that he was hired by a website design company in To Ky Street in district 12 which promised to pay VND6 - 8 million a month if it has customers.

No contract has been signed between Ngat and the company. Ngat said that he listened to 30 - 50 calls a day in 1.5 months but no contract was signed; accordingly, he received zero Vietnam dong. His colleagues fell in the same situation.

Head of a personnel room of a company in district 12 Phan Van Quyet said that most companies put on adverts inclusive of working time, job description, remuneration in its website to help laborers can imagine what they will do and their proper income.

However, some of companies exaggerated high income and easy job to attract laborers while other asked employees to deposit VND150,000 - VND200,000 a person which is a trap.

He advised that young people especially students should keep their wits about adverts of high income but easy job to avoid losing money.