People only need to fulfill information to be granted e-vaccine passports

According to the Ministry of Health (MoH), the vaccine passport of Vietnam has been mutually recognized with 17 countries, and the MoH has also issued the forms and procedures of granting vaccine passports.
Additionally, the Ministry of Health is closely collaborating with the Ministry of Information and Communications and relevant agencies to build the system of online vaccine passport issuance which will create favorable conditions for people to travel overseas.

The e-vaccine passport will display 11 kinds of information, including full name, date of birth, nationality, kind of current epidemic, number of vaccinated doses, vaccination date, name of the vaccine, vaccine products and provider or producers, code of certification.

The information of full name and date of birth will be integrated with identification papers including ID card, identification card or passport that will be performed e-signature, encoded and created under QR Code. The code will be valid within 12 months from the creation day.

According to Deputy Head of Health Data Center, Information Technology Department under the Ministry of Health Nguyen Ba Hung, the procedures of granting vaccine passports are very simple and the people need to declare accurate information.

Notably, those vaccinated people who have information on the vaccination management platform will be granted a QR Code which shall be also displayed on the PC-Covid app and electronic health book of the Ministry of Health serving for management when people perform their trips overseas.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Hung stressed that those people who got full vaccinated from two to three doses and were displayed information on the PC-Covid app and electronic health book would be granted vaccine passports. At the same time, the Ministry of Health has worked with the Ministry of Information and Communications on displaying vaccine passports on the PC-Covid app and electronic health book.

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