Party Central Committee agrees to let Vo Van Thuong cease holding positions

The 13th Central Committee of the CPV convened a meeting at its headquarters in Hanoi on March 20 to consider and give opinions on the wish to cease holding positions by Vo Van Thuong, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

An overview of a meeting of the 13th CPV Central Committee. (Photo: VNA)

Thuong is a key leader of the Party and State, received fundamental training, grew up from the grassroots, and was assigned to hold many important leadership positions in the Party and the State. However, recent reports from the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee’s Inspection Commission and relevant authorities showed that Thuong has violated regulations on what Party members must not do, and regulations concerning the responsibility to set an example for officials and Party members, firstly members of the Political Bureau, the CPV Central Committee's Secretariat, and the CPV Central Committee; and bears the responsibility of the head in line with the Party's regulations and the State's laws.

His violations and shortcomings have sparked negative public opinions and affected the prestige of the Party and the State, as well as his reputation. Fully aware of his responsibilities before the Party, the State, and the people, Thuong submitted an application to cease holding the assigned positions and to retire.

Mr. Vo Van Thuong (Photo: VNA)

According to the current regulations of the Party and the State, and in consideration of Thuong’s wish, the Party Central Committee agreed to let Thuong cease holding the positions: Politburo member, member of the 13th CPV Central Committee, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and Chairman of the National Defence and Security Council for the 2021-2026 tenure.

At the meeting, the Party Central Committee also considered disciplinary measures against Hoang Thi Thuy Lan, a member of the 13th Party Central Committee, former Secretary of the Party Committee, and Chairwoman of the People's Council of Vinh Phuc province.

Lan has shown degradation in political ideology, morality, and lifestyle; seriously violated the Party's regulations and the State's laws on fulfilling her assigned duties and responsibilities, breached regulations on what Party members must not do and the responsibility to set an example, committed negative acts, and received bribes, causing very serious consequences that have stirred public concerns, severely hurting the reputation of the local Party organization and administration.

Based on the content, nature, level, consequences, and causes of the violations, and implementing the Party's regulations on disciplining violating Party organizations and Party members, the Party Central Committee decided to expel Lan from the Party as a disciplinary measure.

The Party Central Committee assigned the Politburo to direct relevant agencies to carry out procedures in line with the regulations.

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