Parties, Government Officials visit Catholic community over Christmas

On 2010 Christmas Day, on Dec 24, in Ho Chi Minh City , Le Thanh Hai, a Party politburo member and secretary of the municipal party committee, paid a Christmas visit to the Ho Chi Minh City Archdiocese, the Adventist Church , and outstanding Catholic followers in the city.

On behalf of City Party, People’s Council, People’s Committee and the Father Land Committee, at the HCM City Archdiocese office and the Adventist Church , Comrade Hai sent his best wishes of health to Cardinal Pham Minh Man, Pastor Tran Cong Tan as well as the Catholic and Protestant community in HCM city. He spoke highly of both the Catholic and Protestant followers’ and their practical contributions to the consolidation of national unity. He expressed hope that both Catholics and Protestants continue to uphold solidarity with fellow Buddhist citizens and other city residents, in their joint efforts to overcome difficulties, maintain political security and promoting socio-economic development for the city.


Cardinal Pham Minh Man affirmed that the Vietnam Catholic Church is loyal to God and closely connected with the nation. Pastor Tran Cong Tan, from the Adventist Church , expressed his gratitude to the Party and the State, considering it as a vivid manifestation of Party policy on religious expression.


HCMC Party committee secretary Le Thanh Hai ( 3rd, L ) presents outstanding Catholic and researcher Nguyen Dinh Dau the State President’s National Great Unity Order.
HCMC Party committee secretary Le Thanh Hai ( 3rd, L ) presents outstanding Catholic and researcher Nguyen Dinh Dau the State President’s National Great Unity Order.

He affirmed that the Adventist Church would participate in socio-economic development and emulation campaigns in efforts to make the country more prosperous and civilized.


The same day, the city Party Chief and other municipal leaders visited Madam Nguyen Thi Ca, sister of late Priest Nguyen Ba Luat, who was a revolutionary martyr in the Tan Binh district, ward 14. The delegation also visited an outstanding Catholic and researcher Nguyen Dinh Dau, and presented him the State President’s National Great Unity Order and other gifts. This is in recognition for his immense contributions to national construction and defense and unity.


On the same day Vietnam Fatherland Front President Huynh Dam paid a Christmas visit to Archbishop of the Hanoi Archdiocese Pierre Nguyen Van Nhon. Wishing the Catholic dignitaries and the Hanoi archdiocese’s followers a merry and happy Christmas. Huynh Dam noted that Catholic followers have during the past few years, upheld the tradition of patriotism and enthusiastically taken part in national emulation movements, launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front. He expressed his wishes that the Hanoi Archbishop and other Catholic dignitaries will make further contributions to the fatherland and the Church, helping strengthen and enhance national unity. Also to build a strong country, with rich people, and a just and civilized society.


On his part, the Archbishop vowed to continue encouraging Catholic dignitaries and believers to follow the Party and State’s guidelines, policies and law.


Previously, a delegation from the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, led by Vice President Tran Hoang Tham, paid a Christmas visits to the HCM City Archdiocese and the General Confederation of the Vietnamese Protestant Church in the Southern region.


Yesterday, Ha Thi Khiet, Party Central Committee Secretary and Head of the Central Commission for Mass Mobilization made Christmas visits to dignitaries at the Hue Archdiocese and followers in the central city of Hue .


In the central highlands province of Dak Nong , the provincial authorities held a ceremony to present the State President’s National Great Unity Order to Priest Tran Xuan Cuong, Vice President of the Vietnam Committee for Catholic Solidarity and President of the provincial Committee for Catholic Solidarity. Priest Cuong was honored for promoting national unity and better relations between religious and non-religious people. He was also honored for being one of the enthusiasts in the Catholic community’s social movements, as well other charitable activities that he performed.  



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