Over 21,000 ha of forest in Ca Mau Province at high risk of wildfire

Amid early scorching heat, warning of forest fire in Ca Mau Province has been at a high level.

On February 24, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ca Mau Province Huynh Quoc Viet sent a working team to check the work of firefighting in the U Minh Ha National Park as temperatures rise along with gusty winds, the climate becomes dryer.

More than 21,000 hectares of forest land in Ca Mau Province are at high risk of wildfire during the dry season. (Photo: VNA)

The U Minh Ha National Park and the surrounding area currently have 45,679 hectares of forest in a dry state. Of which, there are more than 21,000 hectares of forest with a high risk of fire.

In order to ensure safety during the dry season, the entire U Minh Ha forest and forests in islands set up 64 wildlife observation huts, repaired and built nine huts; equipped 115 firefighting pumps, 57,470 meters of fire hoses, boats, specialized pickup trucks, ICOM machines, which have been regularly tested, already prepared for any rescue situation ahead.

As for the U Minh Ha National Park, a camera system was installed in its forest areas to increase pro-activeness and prompt response to forest management and protection during the dry season.

Chairman of Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee Huynh Quoc Viet required local authorities and forest owners to regularly propagate and call on people not to cause any impact on the forest amid the current severe dry season.

Besides, the units involved in forest management and protection, especially forces on duty at fire observation posts need to further enhance their roles and responsibilities, absolutely not to allow people to go to the forest to exploit wild honey or catch fish, especially in areas of the U Minh Ha National Park.

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