One more people wins VND64 bil from American-style lottery jackpot

One more person won jackpot of the ‘Mega 6/45’ computerized lottery since it debuted in Vietnam in July as per yesterday the lottery’s 46th draw.

According to an announcement by Vietlott, the company that runs the computerized lottery, jackpot of VND42 billion (US$1,881,720) had accumulated after seven lottery draws from the initial prize

Additionally, the 46th draw also had 79 first prize worth VND10 million; 4,255 second prize worth VND300,000 and 66,894 third prize each worth VND30,000.

Before in the lottery’s 39th draw on October 16, Ngo Quoc Thai from the Mekong delta province of Tra Vinh won the first prize of over VND92 billion (US$.4,121,863)

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