Numerous residents leave cities to enjoy Hung Kings holiday

From yesterday afternoon, numerous people living and working in Ho Chi Minh City flocked to coaches, train stations, Tan Son Nhat international airport and the city gateways to go back to their hometowns or to travel in advance of the Hung Kings holiday.
Means of transport were recorded to flock to the streets connecting to Tan Son Nhat Airport, including Truong Son, Cong Hoa. Traffic congestion also happened in routes to the Southeastern provinces.

In the capital city of Hanoi, the main routes to the sub-urban were full of means of transport.

The capital city of Hanoi recorded numerous means of transport in Giai Phong Street, section nearby Nuoc Ngam coach station, Nguyen Trai Street heading to So Intersection, Ring Road No.3, Lang Street heading to So Intersection.

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