Number of overloaded vehicles plunges thanks to auto-weighing machines

The number of vehicles violating the weight limits reduced remarkably over 49 times after the six-month trial use of automatic weighing machines on the National Highway No.5.

According to the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, the pilot program of using two automatic machines showed effectiveness in National Highway No.5 with the number of overloaded vehicles falling over 49 times, from 6.9 percent of the first seven months of 2020 to 0.14 percent. The number of daily violations decreased nearly 50 times, ranging from 176 vehicles a day to an average of 3.6 per day.

This is the first high-speed automatic machine system of Vietnam with its accurate, stable, absolutely automatic features without any human manipulations or intervention, promptly showing results within three to 15 seconds. It can control 100 percent of vehicle turns.

Most of the vehicle owners received violation notifications after functional forces showed the evidences of violation and they all paid the fines.

Besides, the system also helped to completely avoid negative aspects as drivers could not meet monitors and all the violations were processed by machines without any interventions from people.

Earlier, in October 2020, the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam started using the most modern high-speed automatic machine system at Km78+770 on the National Highway No.5 through Hai Phong City.

The system was sponsored by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with the value of nearly VND30 billion (nearly US$1.3 million). The electronic weighing system will quickly read the information of vehicles via camera devices, automatically measure vehicles' weight and analyze violations.

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