Northern region needs to proactively deal with extreme cold front

On December 13, temperatures in Northern provinces and cities suddenly decreased with bitterly cold night or early morning although the weather condition was mainly dry and sunny. 
According to meteorologists, from now until the end of this week, residents in the Northern region will experience a wave of dry and sunny climate in daytime, frost and ice blankets at nighttime.

It is forecast that in the morning of December 17, Northern and North-Central localities will suffer a prolonged extreme cold front on the large scale. The temperature in the North-Central region may be expected to drop to 8-11 degrees Celsius while temperatures in Northern mountainous and midland areas are possible to reduce by 3-5 degrees Celsius, even falling to zero degree Celsius in high mountains. 

Many places have the possibility of seeing frost and fog. In order to proactively cope with the current extreme cold spell and frost, on December 13, the Standing Office of National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, the National Committee for Natural Disaster Response and Search and Rescue’s Office sent an official letter to localities to require measures and works to ensure safety for people, especially the elderly, children and pupils. 

Residents are recommended absolutely not to use coal-burning stoves for heating homes in enclosed rooms, proactively protect livestock and animals from hunger and cold, and keep the body warm and food storage.

Additionally, localities are required to proactively provide information and give travel instructions for people and tourists on slippery roads, where frost and ice may occur, to ensure traffic safety.

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