New passport, laissez-passers, forms of entry and exit applied from August 15

The Ministry of Public Security issued a circular providing regulations on passports, laissez-passers, and forms of entry and exit that will take effect from August 15.
Vietnamese chip-based passports (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnamese chip-based passports (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, the front cover of the new passport version shows the name of the country, national emblem, and type of the passport. The passport contains an electronic chip.

Images of Vietnamese landscapes, cultural heritages, and Trong Dong (bronze drum) are featured in the passport with the aim of introducing the country’s land and people to international friends. Languages used in the passport include Vietnamese and English.

The number of pages in the passport, excluding the cover page is 48 for a diplomatic passport. An official passport and an ordinary passport are valid for 5-10 years. An ordinary passport containing 12 pages will be valid to a date not exceeding 12 months.

The electronic chip is placed on the back cover of the chip-based passport. The passport cover is made of a synthetic plastic material with high durability.

The letters and numbers of the passport are perforated by laser technology from page 1 to the back cover.

All contents and images are printed with the latest printing technology that meets ICAO standards and high-security requirements against counterfeiting and ICAO standards.

The new laissez-passer contains the name of the country, national emblem, and type of the travel document and is issued in Vietnamese and Cambodian or Laotian, or Chinese languages.

Vietnam-Cambodia laissez-passer has a color of purple blue while Vietnam-Laos laissez-passer is blue. The colors of Vietnam-China laissez-passers for officials and residents residing in border areas are brown and grey respectively.

The number of pages in the laissez-passer, excluding the cover, is 16 for Vietnam-Cambodia and Vietnam-Laos laissez-passers, and 28 for Vietnam-China laissez-passer.

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