New decree on administrative fines in border management

Individuals who commit administrative violations in national border management and protection will face a maximum fine of VND 50 million (US$2,160 ) under a newly-issued decree.
Officers and soldiers of Lac Quoi Border Guard Station in An Giang province in a patrol. (Photo: VNA)
Officers and soldiers of Lac Quoi Border Guard Station in An Giang province in a patrol. (Photo: VNA)
For organisations committing the same violations, the fine would be doubled, according to the Government’s Decree No. 96/2020/ND-CP on administrative fines for violations in the field of national border management and protection.
Any acts that damage border markers, poles, signs and objects, flag poles, basepoints, and sovereignty steles on islands; change water flows of border rivers and streams, or affect national border; build permanent facilities within 30m from the land border with China or 100m from the land borders with Lao and Cambodia; and illegally construct facilities on border rivers and streams, will be subject to fines of VND40-50 million.
Meanwhile, fines of VND20-30 million will be imposed on geological exploration, natural resources exploitation and mining activities that are licensed but damage border signs, markers, poles and objects, flag poles and sovereignty steles on islands, and basepoints; maritime defence and border facilities; and the dumping of dirt and gravel in border rivers and streams.
Notably, the launch and operation of flying objects within the border area or across the border will face fines of VND40-50 million and the use of gun for hunting within 1,000m from the land border will be subject to fines of VND30-40 million.
Warnings or VND300,000-500,000 penalties will be imposed on Vietnamese citizens who enter land border areas and border belts without bringing identity cards or passports; and those who do not report and register, or hide and facilitate the illegal travelling and stay of others in land border areas.
Fines worth 500,000-1,000,000 will be rolled out for border residents using expired border passes to travel through the border, border residents who travel beyond the allowed areas, foreigners entering border belts without reporting to border guards; and border residents grazing cattle and poultry across the border.
According to the decree, border residents who allow others to use their valid border passes to travel through the border; and anyone who travels and conducts activities breaching regulations in prohibited areas, will have to pay VND1-2 million in fines.

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