NA wraps up with working agenda fulfilled

Laws and resolutions were top of the agenda during the 20 days of the National Assembly session.
Speaking at the closing ceremony yesterday, Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said seven bills were approved and passed into law.
“The NA has fulfilled all working agenda in legislation, supervision and making decisions on important national works,” she said.
Laws passed included many that had raised public concerns such as the revised Law on Education, Labor Code, Law on Public Investment and Law on Alcohol Harm Prevention.
Also on Friday before the meeting closed, lawmakers approved a resolution to improve efficiency implementing policies and laws on land planning, management and use in urban areas.
The NA will also be keeping a close eye on child abuse issues as part of a new set of policies to be implemented next year.
They were two of ten resolutions approved.
The laws and resolutions would serve as an important legal basis to address practical issues, accelerate socio-economic development and improve quality of life, Ngan said.
The NA gave their opinions on nine draft laws as part of their working agenda.
Ngan asked agencies to listen to NA deputies’ comments on draft laws, collect opinions from scientists, experts and people in order to accomplish the drafts and submit them for discussion or approval at the next NA session later this year.
Lawmakers reviewed the Government’s reports on socio-economic development plans and the State budget of 2018 and including the first few months of this year.
Besides positive achievements in socio-economy, national defence-security and external affairs, especially when Vietnam was elected as a non-permanent member of UN Security Council, the national economy still faced new challenges, Ngan said,
The NA leader requested the Government listen to NA deputies’ opinions and seek solutions to maintain growth rate, stabilise economy, control inflation and actively respond to complicated developments of global political and economic affairs.
There were flags raised during question and answer sessions when constituents quizzed deputies on a wide range of topics.
“The deputy prime ministers, ministers answered the questions to the point, showing their responsibilities and commitments to deal with shortcomings and improve management efficiency,” she said.
She asked Government officials to make good on their commitments.
Ngan also asked deputies to meet with constituents and listen to their proposals.
Labor Convention
Earlier in the morning, deputies passed a resolution approving Vietnam’s accession to Convention 98 of the International Labor Organization (ILO).
This means Vietnam’s workforce will be allowed to team up to protect their employment rights
The Government will instruct ministries and agencies to ensure this happens.
ILO’s deputy director-general for Policy, Deborah Greenfield congratulated Vietnam on ratifying Convention 98.
“Not only is this a fundamental right, but also an enabling right that facilitates the achievement of many other labor protections,” she said.
ILO Vietnam director, Chang-Hee Lee said “The ratification of Convention 98 will accelerate the spread of genuine collective bargaining for win-win solutions in Vietnamese workplaces, which is likely to result in better conditions, higher productivity and shared prosperity, contributing to sustainable development.”
Lawmakers also approved Law on Execution of Criminal Judgments, the revised Law on Education, the Law on Amending, Supplementing a Number of Articles of the Law on Insurance Business and the Law on Intellectual Property, and Law on Alcohol Harm Prevention.

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