More parking lots near airports, ports should be built: PC67 head

Head of the road and railway traffic police division (PC67) lieutenant colonel Huynh Trung Phong yesterday said at a meeting that it is urgent to build a parking lot near Tan Son Nhat Airport to reduce traffic gridlock in the airport for long-term use.
More parking lots near airports, ports should be built: PC67 head

A meeting about solutions for ten traffic complex areas was held by PC67.

According to the Traffic Safety Committee in the city, since the beginning of the year, more traffic congestion and accidents have taken place.

Worse, pavement encroachment is more complicated. In the third quarter, 214 traffic accidents have been reported in the city killing 196 people and injuring 51 others.

In addition, in the first nine months, more seven “black spots” of traffic accidents have been reported, bringing total spots up to 18.

Lieutenant colonel Phong said that there are remaining 10 congestion spots in the city especially serious traffic congestion on roads leading to Vietnam’s busiest airdrome Tan Son Nhat in Tan Binh District and Cat Lai Port in district 2.

It is forecast that traffic snarls in the two areas will continue occuring from now to the end of the year because demand for travel will increase.

Policeman Phong said that the roads leading to the airdrome is often congested because people pour to Truong Son Street which is connected to Pham Van Dong Street to come back their houses in Tan Binh, Go Vap and Binh Thanh districts.

Traffic is slow moving inside the airport also leading to congestion in streets Truong Son, Truong Chinh, Cong Hoa, Pham Van Dong, Hoang Minh Giam, Hoang Van Thu streets especially gridlocks occurring in Truong Chinh and Cong Hong street in noon.

Therefore, Mr. Phong said that from now to the end of the year, policemen will work around the clock to control traffic and handle violations focusing on working parking of cars adding that police officers in Tan Binh District have to work all time in Truong Son street to provide timely handling.

Moreover, the airport traffic controllers should be held accountable for traffic congestion inside which leads to traffic problem outside.

Similarly, PC67 head asked Cat Lai Port managers not to let traffic snarls inside and to build more parking lots so that lines of vehicles will not obstruct traffic outside.

He suggested the Department of Transport to make special lane for trucks at container terminals because these trucks merge with other vehicles leading to severe congestions especially in rush hours.