Ministry wants schools to teach students law, social norms

The Ministry of Education and Training has made it compulsory for teachers and student to sing the national anthem in schools on Mondays as part of a drive to instill civic sense and patriotism in children.

It also said schools have to instill national pride in students, and unions in schools have to teach students the anthem to ensure they sing it correctly.

Kindergartens should play the anthem regularly, it said.

All schools from kindergartens to high schools have to teach students good behavior based on President Ho Chi Minh's five teaching precepts, it said.

School authorities should teach students about their legal and social obigations and counsel them to cultivate awareness of and respect for traffic regulations and culture and express their feelings in an appropriate manner to curb violence in schools, it said. 

The Ministry also ordered schools not to change uniforms often to avoid waste.

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