Ministry of Transport urges stricter safety compliance on construction sites

Investors and contractors have been told to strictly uphold traffic safety, and occupational safety and health measures at transport infrastructure construction projects, according to a recent directive issued by the Ministry of Transport.
Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)
Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)

“Contractors are allowed to begin construction work only after their occupational safety and health measures are approved,” said Directive No.01/CT-BGTVT.The inspection of the implementation of approved measures must also be strengthened with timely supplements or adjustments when needed, it said.Construction contractors must be suspended if there are any signs of violations in traffic safety, occupation safety and health, it said.

Noting that despite progress made and improved workplaces for construction workers, the ministry said there were still limitations that led to occupational accidents.It said the main reason was a lack of awareness from investors/project management boards, inspection consultant units, and contractors.

The ministry noted that warning and prevention measures were absent at many construction sites. Workers had limited knowledge and skills and were still not very proactive in preventing occupational accidents and risks.

The transport ministry requested investors/project management boards to assign competent staff to oversee management and ensure occupational safety and health as well as traffic safety measures in accordance with the law.

Contractors must also conduct technical safety inspections of machines, equipment and materials that have strict requirements on occupational safety measures in accordance with the law, the directive said, noting that they must also be held accountable for environmental protection activities.

The ministry requested supervision contractors to examine construction design documents and safety and health measures before submitting them to the investors for approval.Supervision contractors must also strengthen the examination work and promptly handle shortcomings on construction sites if any.Construction contractors must design safety measures and submit them to a supervision consultant and get approval from investors before starting construction work.

They must also assign competent staff to carry out occupational measure management work while organising training for staff and workers about safety and health measures.Fencing must be set up throughout the construction time in construction sites that are at risk of putting people in danger.In January this year, a 10-year-old boy died after falling down a 35-metre concrete pile at Roc Sen bridge construction site in Phu Loi commune of Dong Thap province.

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