Ministry encourages couples to delay wedding date amid coronavirus outbreak

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism proposed local administrations to encourage people to postpone wedding dates in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

Amid devastating onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry sent a document signed by Deputy Minister Trinh Thi Thuy to its departments in cities and provinces to persuade families and couples wreck marriage plans in an attempt to flatten the curve of new Covid-19 cases.

Specifically, the Ministry wanted departments to raise each individual’s awareness of the deadly virus, measures against the virus spread and fill out health declaration. Moreover, each citizen should implement all preventative measures to protect their families and the community.

Additionally, each person should participate in anti- epidemic activities as well as report violations and incorrect information to state competent agencies and help families affected by Covid-19.

Instead of wedding party, the Ministry inspired people to announce wedding information.

For funeral ceremony, families should not hold a great feast for all relatives but follow regulations.