Materials cost pressure violation for North-South expressway to be handled

If any mine owners put pressure on material costs to contractors, they will be strictly handled and revoked their business licenses according to a statement of Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh at an online conference yesterday related to the sub-projects implementation of the eastern North-South Expressway and solving difficulties during the construction process, especially the lack of materials and site clearance.

At the conference, the leader required the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to establish five inspection teams for management and granting permits of mining exploitation for construction materials of the North-South Expressway Project in advance on August 15.

Additionally, he required the relevant ministries, agencies and local authorities to promptly review the mining exploitation capacity; directed the local authorities to hand over the remaining sites for the sub-projects in advance July 30. 

(Illustrative photo:SGGP)
Besides that, the relevant ministries and agencies needed to solve the obstacles and difficulties related to price fluctuation of steel and iron, credit packages for three projects of the North-South Expressway under public-private partnership form and consulting fee adjustment following the practicality.

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