Many securities companies raise margin lending interest rates

From the beginning of November 2022 to now, many securities companies have increased their margin lending interest rates by 1-1.5 percent compared to before.

Specifically, SSI Securities Company raised its margin lending interest rate from 0.033 percent per day to 0.0375 percent per day as of November 1, equivalent to an increase of 11.88 percent per annum to 13.5 percent per annum.

ABCS Securities Company has recently announced an increase in interest rates on Margin T14 products from next week.

Specifically, from November 7, the interest rate for the Margin T14 products will increase for loans in the first 14 days, from 4.5 percent per annum to 6 percent per annum. From the 15th day onwards, the interest rate will be kept at 14 percent per annum.