Man dies after python wraps itself around his neck

A man in a Southern province died after a python constricted him to death, according to local officials.

Police officers in the Southern Province of Binh Phuoc’s Binh Long Town said that they were investigating and clarifying the death of a 47 year old man in Thanh Phu Commune. The man died after a python constricted him to death while entering the reptile cage to catch it.

According to initial information, about 9.30pm on January 1, the man and a friend went to a local man’s house in Thanh Hai hamlet who announced to give the python to the man.

As soon as arriving, the ill-fated man entered a wooden cage covered with a hard plastic net to catch the python. However, when the unlucky man was catching the python, it was suddenly squeezed around his neck so restricted that he could not be able to move.

Witnessing that, people around rushed to grab his legs to pull him out, but because the python was wrapped too tightly, the man already died after being pulled out of the cage.

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