Ly Son garlic price hit record-low, farmers suffer during Covid-19

Ly Son garlic are currently priced at US€65-€87 only, a record-low rate but still unsaleable due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Previously, traders would come to procure dry garlic from each household for US$4.5-$5 per kilo. Last year the price tag dropped to $2.6, then $1.3, and has now settled at €65-€87 per kilo.

There are about 1,800 tons of garlic across the whole Ly Son District, causing heavy losses to growers.

During the last winter-spring crop, 325 hectares of crops were cultivated, yielding 124 quintals per hectare, outputting 3,000 tons fresh or 2,100 tons dried garlic.
Although half a year’s time passed, only one-seventh of the crops have been consumed at extremely low prices.