Liquidity exceeds VND20 trillion as investors race for bottom-catching

The selling pressure caused the electric board to be flooded in red color with more than 600 stocks dropping. However, this is an opportunity to catch the bottom of cheap stocks for cash-holding investors.
Liquidity exceeds VND20 trillion as investors race for bottom-catching ảnh 1

The repercussion of the trading session on the God of Fortune Day still appeared on the electric board in the first minutes of the morning trading session. Specifically, while buyers did not hesitate to put orders at green prices to collect stocks, stockholders made sell orders in small quantities to survey the market.

However, at 2 p.m., a series of sell orders at red prices were unexpectedly released massively by stockholders, especially in the group of large-cap stocks.

The fact that the stock group with the strongest impact on the index was suddenly sold off negatively affected the remaining stocks. Investors vied with each other to put sell orders at the lowest possible prices to dump shares as quickly as possible.

The selling pressure continued to increase to a higher level in the ATC matching session, making the VN-Index almost freefall in the last minutes of the session. Specifically, this index ended the first trading session in February with a decrease of 35.21 points, or 3.17 percent, to 1,075.97 points.

On the HoSE, there were 351 losers, 89 gainers, and 37 unchanged stocks. The red color also dominated the VN30 basket with 23 losers and seven gainers.

According to statistics, the total number of losing stocks on all three trading floors was 629. Of these, 68 stocks fell to the floor. On the other side, only 256 stocks increased, and 146 stood still.

Stocks that had the most negative impact on the VN-Index were VPB with minus 5.9 percent, MSN with minus 5.8 percent, VRE with minus 5.7 percent, VHM with minus 5.7 percent, VCB with minus 3 percent, HPG with minus 4.5 percent, BID with minus 5.1 percent, CTG with minus 4.9 percent, TCB with minus 4.1 percent, VIC with minus 3.3 percent, TPB with minus 5.2 percent, STB with minus 5.4 percent, SSI with minus 6.7 percent, MBB with minus 3.3 percent, KDH with minus 5.4 percent, ACB with minus 3.3 percent, FPT with minus 1.8 percent, and GVR with minus 6.9 percent.

Statistics show that these stocks made the VN-Index evaporate more than 37 points. Meanwhile, seven gainers in the VN30 basket, including PDR, GAS, VIB, VNM, NVL, HDB, and MWG, only contributed an increase of fewer than 2 points to the VN-Index.

The most positive factor of the market continued to be the improvement in liquidity, with more than 1 billion shares traded on the HoSE, equivalent to more than VND17.62 trillion. On all three exchanges, the total trading value exceeded VND20.1 trillion. This is the trading session with the best liquidity in 2023 up to now.

The fact that the VN-Index was dragged down in the last minutes caused the two indices of the Hanoi Stock Exchange to be involved in misfortune, even though they maintained the green color for most of the time. At the end of today's session, the HNX-Index dropped 6.42 points to 216 points, while the UPCoM-Index slid 0.9 points to 74.9 points.