Lien Khuong Airport officially becomes international

On June 23, Lien Khuong Airport was officially declared as an international airport.

Deputy Minister of Transport Le Anh Tuan gives the decision to convert Lien Khuong Airport into Lien Khuong International Airport.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang attended the announcement ceremony. Lien Khuong became the first international airport in the Central Highlands region.

According to the Ministry of Transport, Lien Khuong International Airport features a 3,250-meter-long runway, 45 meters wide, made of asphalt concrete, with a PCN load-bearing capacity of 47/F/C/X/T. It can accommodate Code D aircraft like the B757, A300, and similar models.

Lien Khuong International Airport is equipped to handle regular and irregular international and domestic flights, private aircraft, military aircraft, and other types upon approval by competent authorities.

The upgrade of Lien Khuong Airport to international status will greatly facilitate the socio-economic development of Lam Dong Province and the Central Highlands region. This development is not just anticipated by local authorities but is also eagerly awaited by the entire community and business sector, as stated by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Phuc, Vice Chairman of the Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee.

Direct flights to numerous countries will create favorable conditions for transporting international tourists and exporting goods, vegetables, flowers, and agricultural products from the Central Highlands to global markets efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Phuc, Vice Chairman of the Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee
Lien Khuong International Airport

Lien Khuong International Airport is situated in Lien Nghia Town, Duc Trong District, approximately 29km from downtown Da Lat.

Passengers check in at Lien Khuong International Airport.

According to the 2030 plan, Lien Khuong International Airport will be classified as a 4E airport, covering an area of 340.8 hectares, with a designed capacity to accommodate 5 million passengers annually. Looking towards 2050, the airport will expand to 486.8 hectares and aim to serve 7 million passengers per year.

The path leading to the departure terminal of Lien Khuong International Airport

Lien Khuong Airport was initially constructed in 1933 under French administration as Lien Khang Airport. Later, it was renamed Lien Khuong Airport under American management.

From April 30, 1975, to 1980, Lien Khuong Airport was under the control of the Vietnamese People's Army, primarily serving government officials on official trips and transporting people from Hanoi to the new economic zone of Lam Dong.

Following several upgrades and expansions, Lien Khuong International Airport now handles over 2 million passengers annually, on average, connecting to various destinations nationwide. Moreover, the airport also receives numerous tourist flights from neighboring countries and visitors from South Korea.

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