Labor, Social Affairs sector completes set target in 2014

At an online meeting held in Ha Noi by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs yesterday, aiming to set up the task implementation for 2015, the ministry reported, 1.6 million people were offered jobs achieving the set target of 2014.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam attended the meeting.

In addition, 1,495,000 people were offered jobs in the country and 160,000 people worked abroad, added the ministry.

Last year is the first time that over 100,000 Vietnamese laborers worked in foreign countries helping unemployment rate decrease and increase income as well as poverty elimination, said Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thanh Hoa.

Upon vocational training, in 2014, around 1,899,000 people were offered the training across the country contributing to raise the proportion of skilled laborers to 49 percent. The Ministry continued implementing policies favored for families in serving the cause of the nation’s revolution.

In addition, the online meeting also showed that the rate of poverty households fell to 5.8 percent (or down by 1.8-2 percent compared to 2013).

Lauding the sector’s achievements, Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam stressed that in 2015, the sector needs to complete legal documents and policies relating to labor and law. In addition, Mr. Dam said that the sector should focus on vocational training more to raise workers’ skills and develop labor markets as well as labor centers and exchange floor. The sector must pay attention to handling drug and prostitution-related issues.

Mr. Dam also proposed the labor, invalids and social affairs sector to pay more respect to families in serving the cause of the nation’s revolution, war victims and disadvantaged people to improve people’s living condition more.

On the same day, at a meeting of the Department  of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs in Ho Chi Minh City, deputy chairman of the municipal People’s Committee said that the city has sent nearly 1,850 homeless drug addicts across the city to compulsory detoxification centers. The ongoing campaign to collect drug addicts into rehabilitation centers in Ho Chi Minh City has helped improve the crime situation in the city.

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