Japanese writer Ono Eriko to arrive in Vietnam to meet book lovers

On the occasion of the 3rd Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day in 2024, author Ono Eriko of comic book Miiko Desu! / Kocchi Muite! Miiko will come to Vietnam to exchange and sign books for readers who love the book.


Author Ono Eriko was born on May 5, 1962, in Tokyo (Japan). In 1988, Ono Eriko's stories with Miko as the main character were published in Pyon Pyon magazine, and in 1990 developed into the Miko Kid series. After moving to Ciao magazine, she changed to Nho Miko - a cheerful girl. Since February 2008, Kid Miko has sold millions of copies and been adapted into an anime.

Little Miko - a cheerful girl has a large number of fans. Although the book has only episode 37 (Vietnamese version), it has been printed with more than 50,000 copies. While there are hundreds of other attractive comic titles in the Vietnamese market, 50,000 copies are an impressive number.

Author Ono Eriko created this series for more than 30 years starting from when she had no children until she had a daughter. Perhaps that is why the series closely follows very current social issues, including stories that parents want to share with their children but are difficult to talk about such as teenage love, early puberty, LGBT (abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other identities), and children in divorced families, or children in single-parent families.

Therefore, the comic book Kid Miko - Little Girl is a kind of handbook of instructions for parents who want to teach their children how to behave civilly and openly regarding these above-mentioned issues in addition to the entertainment and relaxation factors.

Before author Ono Eriko came to Vietnam, Tre Publishing House organized the contest ‘Miko and I’ attracting 119 articles and 297 drawings from readers of many ages. Contestants shared the companionship of the series with the ups and downs in their lives.

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