Int’l student science forum discus building smart city

An international student science forum (ISSF) yesterday opened in Ho Chi Minh City with the attendance of 108 representatives from many countries.
At the opening ceremony (Photo: SGGP)
At the opening ceremony (Photo: SGGP)
The 2nd international student science forum from June 21 to 25 discussed impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and smart city development.

72 participants were selected from universities nationwide and 36 other students from ten nations and territories including Cambodia, Cameroon, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Vietnam.
Additionally, over 1,500 Vietnamese students participating the event as observers joined in activities and seminars.

The forum was co-organized by Ho Chi Minh City Vietnamese Students’ Association and Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City on the theme of “Industry 4.0 and building the smart city”.
ISSF is an international forum that aims to bring together undergraduates from ASEAN and other countries to engage in meaningful academic, cultural and social exchanges.

During 3 days at the conference, participants will explore the chosen theme of the year through presentations, site visits, breakout sessions and lecture series by industry experts from both the public, private and the people sectors.

This year, students will discuss five topics including Industry 4.0; Models and initiatives of smart city; the fundamental technologies and smart applications in building smart city; Smart services of smart city and citizens' engagement in smart city.

This is a trending movement by municipal leaders and people to develop a modern and smart city keeping up with other metropolitans across the world.

After the opening ceremony, students shared researches, application and benefits of the Industry 4.0 to the world development; ideal models of building smart city in the globe. In addition, participants introduced software and creative methodologies in building smart city. Moreover, they proposed measures to develop prioritized services  such as electronic government, intelligent traffic, medicine, education and training.

Furthermore, students thought about measures to increase residents’ awareness and behavior in smart city.

International students will pay visits to major construction, science and technology centers, and historic site in Ho Chi Minh City like the Hi-tech Park, Cu Chi tunnel, Thong Nhat Hall as well as exchanges with their peers in Medicine University, Technology University, and Marketing Finance University.

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