Inspection must be proactive: government officials

Most members of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly said at a meeting on July 26 that Inspection Law should ensure that inspection activities are proactive, unbiased and honest. It should also guarantee that the conclusions of inspectors are implemented correctly.

Tran Duc Luong, Deputy Inspector General, Government Inspectorate of Vietnam, said the inspection bill still ensures the autonomy of inspectors. However, he admitted that the legal status and the power of inspection authorities remain vague, especially when interdisciplinary inspection delegations are formed.

He promised that the law would make sure that inspectors’ conclusions are executed correctly.

Le Manh Luan, Deputy Director, Office of the Central Steering Committee against Corruption, suggested policy makers refer the way that neighboring China has prevented and combated corruption.

The draft of Inspection Law will be amended and completed before being presented to the National Assembly at the eighth meeting.

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