Increasing success in integrating technology in traffic, neighborhood control

Traffic control cameras along cross-region highways since July 2020 have successfully recorded tens of thousands of traffic violations in place of law enforcers, while many localities plan to utilize surveillance systems to aid neighborhood watch, police authorities noted.
Increasing success in integrating technology in traffic, neighborhood control
More than 10,000 traffic violations ranging from exceeding the speed limit to parking offence have been caught on camera along the Noi Bai – Lao Cai Highway alone, resulting in more than 1,000 tickets worth some VND14 billion (about US$605,575).
Furthermore, the Vietnam’s Traffic Police Department (C08) recently assigned the gov’t funded surveillance system along National Route 1A to Binh Thuan local police, helping them pinpoint hundreds of violators.
Meanwhile, Lam Dong Province traffic police in light of major road accidents in the past few months are also looking to install cameras along the Bao Loc mountain pass to discourage speeders.
Traffic enforcement cameras not only help keep habitual traffic offenders in check where there are no law enforcers, but also partially prevent bribery by limiting direct contact between on-scene police and perpetrators, making them pay the fines afterwards.
Simultaneously, many localities have mobilized non-public resources to install surveillance cameras at areas prone to traffic accidents, trespassing, or vandalism. If local law enforcers can gain access to street-facing CCTV cameras, they believe it could further enhance public safety and command people’s attention in regards to observing the law.
Social monitoring will be further actualized when the Amended Law on Residence comes into effect on July 01, utilizing citizen monitoring by identification codes integrated into personal ID cards, a method used in developed countries to maintain public safety.

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