High-rise building investors asked to control flooding

People’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City sent its request in writing to condo investors to minimize flood or damages caused by flood in high-rise buildings.
High-rise building investors asked to control flooding
As per the request, investors must usually carry out drainage repair and maintenance as well as have contingency plans such as pumping or preventive measures when rainwater overflows the buildings.
The Steering Center for the Urban Flood Control Program was asked to enhance supervise and increase information of drainage system map to locals so that people can take initiative to manage flooding.
Meantime, the departments of Construction, Transport and people’s committees in districts were urged to strengthen inspection to construction site and check, take over the buildings’ infrastructure when it finishes.
Local administrations must provide people with proactive measures in response to natural disasters and encourage residents to protect canal, drainage system.
People’s committees in districts must clear away households which encroach canals or rivers.

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