HCMC tightens control over food safety regulations

Deputy Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Duong Anh Duc requested to tighten control over food safety regulations.
HCMC tightens control over food safety regulations(Photo: SGGP)
HCMC tightens control over food safety regulations(Photo: SGGP)
He made the request at a yesterday meeting with the city’s Food Safety Management Board upon the implementation of task for 2021. Speaking at the meeting, Head of the Management Board Pham Khanh Phong Lan said that the board in close coordination with other competent agencies achieved its goals affirming to try their best in carrying out mission.
With regard to inspection over pharmaceutical sector, the Department of Health’s cooperation is needed in term of supervision of medicine businesses. For instance, over 6,500 existing private drug stores in the city all announced they had been checked before when inspectors of the Food Safety Management Board paid visits to.
She was concerned about advertisement, prices and origin of medicines; therefore, in the next time, the management board inspectors and their peers from the Department of Health together will continue paying visits to drugstores to check these above -mentioned problems.
On his part, Deputy Chairman Duc said nutritional supplements are more and more common nowadays; worse, many drugs have turned out to be nutritional supplements which had been advertised to treat various illnesses at high prices whereas its quality is dubious. Accordingly, the Food Safety Management Board must tighten control over these items for the health of city dwellers.

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