HCMC proposes to have a memorial day for deceased people in Covid-19 pandemic

Enduring so many negative impacts of the latest Covid-19 outbreak, Ho Chi Minh City now proposes to save one memorial day for dead Covid-19 cases and those scarifying their lives in the fight against the disease. This day, agreed by members of the Propaganda and Education Board of HCMC Party Committee and the senior in the city, will be a reminder for the city residents to unite and strive to bring HCMC back to its glorious days.

Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen thanks the doctors and nurses coming to aid the city in the fierce combat against Covid-19 to minimize severe and dead cases. (Photo: SGGP)

Head of the Propaganda and Education Board of HCMC Party Committee Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue stated that the combat against Covid-19 in HCMC for the last five months has been the toughest ever since the appearance of the virus.

During that time, all people living in HCMC, regardless of position, have experienced various unexpected negative effects on their daily activities, work, and study. Many have gone forever (15,600 people to be exact on October 9), leaving behind over 1,500 orphans and a large number of old parents without care.

In order to cope with the situation in the city, the municipal authorities have adopted different measures in hope of minimizing dead or severe Covid-19 cases. Many ordinary people bravely go out to offer help to those in need via their charity activities, and many medical officials join in the frontline force to save each life no matter how dangerous and exhausted it is.

At last, 19 districts and Thu Duc City announced that they have basically put the outbreak under control, entering the ‘new normal status’ stage.

Mr. Nhu Khue informed that lately, there have been different activities nationwide to commemorate the deceased during the Covid-19 fight. It is, therefore, highly recommended to save one specific day each year as a memorial day for this purpose, showing both our compassion and our gratitude as well.

The Board Head stressed that it is nearly impossible to turn back to the ‘zero Covid-19’ state; thus we must adapt with this ‘new normal status’, meaning to raise the public’s awareness about the pandemic and its prevention so that such a painful outbreak will not happen again in the future.

At present, HCMC is gradually resuming its normal operations. It is highly important that all residents clearly understand and strictly apply Covid-19 prevention methods such as the 5K rules while tuning their old habits to protect themselves, their family, and their community from the virus. Only by doing that can people restart their normal activities with a peaceful mind.

Soldiers are handing over the ash of a dead patient to the family. (Photo: SGGP)

Agreeing with the suggestion of Mr. Nhu Khue, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of District 1 Veteran Association Hoang Tho Dieu shared that there has been a great loss of both human lives and properties in the combat of HCMC against Covid-19. Hence, a memorial day to honor the sacrifice of the frontline force as well as dead patients is a good deed.

He added that the Government should build memorials and monuments to remind people of the harshness of this pandemic. However, this construction must not be ostentatious but must follow the overall architecture of HCMC and display the respect of the alive to the dead.

Dao Duc Thang, a retired state official in Tan Thong Hoi Commune of Cu Chi District, supported the idea of a memorial day for the deceased in the Covid-19 pandemic, saying that it is such a meaningful action to show our great appreciation to those sacrificing their life for the fight and our compassion to dead patients.

He hoped that the Government and the National Assembly can soon turn this proposal of HCMC residents into reality.

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