HCMC for a safer, Covid-19 clear tomorrow: City Party Chief

Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen expressed the determination of the city in yesterday’s virtual meeting about urgent measures for Covid-19 prevention and control that after two months living in harshness, there is no choice for both the authorities and community but to fight back bravely once and for all to eliminate this serious outbreak and come back to the new normal status.

Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen is delivering his speech in the virtual meeting about urgent measures for Covid-19 prevention and control. (Photo: SGGP)

After listening to proposals of delegates in the meeting, HCMC Party Chief Nguyen Van Nen reported that there are 240 deaths each day caused by Covid-19 in HCMC, along with hundreds of patients in dire need of oxygen ventilators and thousands of people lying exhaustedly in emergency wards. Adding to the serious situation are hundreds of thousands of individuals wishing to leave the city because they are so poor and cannot endure this hard time any longer.

Mr. Nen stressed that it is high time the city must cooperate more closely to stop this.

The Party Chief then shared the latest message of General Secretary of Vietnam Communist Party Nguyen Phu Trong sending to HCMC that the General Secretary highly appreciated all the efforts and the tenacious fighting spirit of city dwellers, especially the frontline and charity groups, volunteer teams.

He insisted that the goal of putting the outbreak under control by September 15 is both the wish of state leaders as well as the community, so HCMC must better exploit its innovation and dynamic, loving attitude, calling upon the help from even the retired, in the combat against Covid-19.

More importantly, in this decisive time, Mr. Trong stressed that any negativity, irresponsibility, or lack of determination should be eliminated at all cost. This is the toughest fight of all classes in HCMC, and the Government is always backing it to reach the glorious victory.

Discussing the plans to implement Resolution 86 in all districts and Thu Duc City, Secretary Nen commented that there are positive signals coming from the confidence of all state departments, agencies in dealing with the pandemic, gaining from the two-month experience.

Along with that are the relatively high rate of vaccinated citizens and a large number of field hospitals, having about 80,000 beds, to treat patients at all levels of sickness.

The first measure in the upcoming time is to call upon the help from volunteers in all neighborhoods to monitor people going into and out of their own area. People allowed to travel on street must display proper documents or signs.

The second measure is about Covid-19 quick test tasks. In ‘green safe areas’, the pool test will be for 10 individuals each, while in the ‘yellow dangerous area’ it will be for 5 individuals each. Residents are carefully instructed on how to self-test at home as well.

When an F0 is detected, the functional force must direct related people to calmly deal with the situation of letting the patient stay at home, or transporting this person to quarantine sites of the ward, the district, the city. The piloting model of monitoring F0 at home in District 10 and District 8 must be popularized as soon as possible.

The third measure is to upgrade the treatment capability of the medical staff in Covid-19 hospitals so that there is no case of infected people receiving no care. The healthcare sector in HCMC should try to mobilize the contribution of over 500 private clinics that are now operating at 50 percent of their capacity.

Simultaneously, the vaccination task should be sped up safely, with a continuous notice to the public not to be careless after being vaccinated.

Finally, Mr. Nen said that all directions must be written down in specific official dispatches and correspondingly implemented and adjusted when needed.

"There are only 30 more days to fight for a better tomorrow in HCMC with no Covid-19. We must act immediately. We must focus all possible resources to eliminate this outbreak and achieve the assigned goal”, concluded the Party Chief.

HCMC for a safer, Covid-19 clear tomorrow: City Party Chief ảnh 2 A view of the virtual meeting (Photo: SGGP)

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