HCMC desires to promote tourism cooperation with Bulgaria

Deputy Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee cum Chairwoman of the Municipal People's Council Nguyen Thi Le yesterday led a high ranking delegation of Ho Chi Minh City to visit the Republic of Bulgaria.
A high ranking delegation of Ho Chi Minh City work with agencies of Tourism Ministry of Bulgaria
A high ranking delegation of Ho Chi Minh City work with agencies of Tourism Ministry of Bulgaria

Within the visit framework, the city's senior officials respectively worked with agencies of Tourism Ministry of Bulgaria, the Sofia Municipal Council and the Vietnamese Embassy in Bulgaria.

Permanent Vice Chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council Borislav Ignatov was very interested in the working trip of the city’s delegation and desired to discuss many issues related to the field of architecture, planning and tourism.

The two sides also exchanged experiences in waste treatment, air pollution reduction and personal transport, mobilizing resources for infrastructure development.

In the context of the bilateral relationship, chairwoman Nguyen Thi Le desired to promote cooperation in the field of climate change adaptation, environment, urban planning and investment promotion in near future. 

Representatives of the cities co-signed a memorandum of understanding about the cooperation. 

Regarding the tourism sector, Ms. Le strongly impressed with the effectiveness of tourism promotion, operation and tourism development strategy, investment resources and achievements of the partner. 

Head of International Cooperation and Investment in tourism field Mr. Nikolay Kostov affirmed the good cooperation, tourism cooperation potentiality between Vietnam and Bulgaria via a signed cooperation agreement in this field.

However, the number of visitors from Vietnam to Bulgaria and vice versa has not fully reflected the potential of tourism cooperation between the two countries, he added.

Chief Director of the Directorate General for Tourism Policy at the Ministry of Tourism Lilyana Arsova also wished signing a tourism cooperation agreement with Ho Chi Minh City.  The agency has established a sustainable development strategy for the tourism industry. It is worth noting that the agency has identified eight attractive cultural and historical destinations with over 150 works across the localities in order to advertise tourism. In addition, Bulgaria is also gradually finalizing the list of religious and pilgrimage destinations. 

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